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Refrigerated Truck Rental

Refrigerated Truck Rental


When your commercial load is temperature-sensitive, rent a refrigerated straight truck from Ryder. These rentals work for light-duty or medium-duty loads, with a cab-over truck design for improved maneuverability. This truck is only available for business customers. 


Cargo Capacity

  • 22 - 26 ft.
  • 1,600 cubic ft. of cargo space


  • Increased power (Need info)
  • Electric standby or automatic start-stop features of refrigeration unit 
  • Fuel savings and lower emissions

Weight Capacity

  • 26,000 GVW; 7,000 lb. capacity
  • 33,000 GVW; 13,000 lb. capacity
  • 60” x 80” platform with 3,000 lb. capacity


  • Automatic transmission, power steering 
  • Side doors 
  • E-Track for securing loads
  • Hydraulic lift gate 
  • Wide temperature range
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